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Martin Chen

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My name is Martin Chen (喳予) and I am an overseas Chinese student from India. I am very glad to be a part of Soochow University and most importantly the Global Business Program. This program has helped me develop myself mentally. Coming from India to a completely different country, I have found home away from home. The professors and staff are ever ready to help the students with any issues, so this makes us feel comfortable while approaching the professors.

The courses in this program are designed in a very convenient manner. It allows students to take up as many courses as possible. The courses offered are also provided keeping in mind the future needs of demanding working environment. Reputed professors are recruited to provide us with the best teaching materials and knowledge. What is fun about some classes are the visit to various companies and the group activities.

Lastly the vast culture of Taiwan itself is a great boost for foreign students. And in this program people from different parts of the world study together in the same class, so students learn about students from different culture background. In other words going hand in hand with the class lecture, I am also able to learn about the people from other countries through the exchange students.

Professor Roan is the man behind my inspiration. He gives us valuable advice, is very friendly and most important very helpful. I would love to thank Global Business Program for giving me this opportunity to develop as a person, Professor Roan and the ever so helpful Staff Fiona and now Alice.

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