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Deadlines for "thesis proposal evaluation" and "thesis oral defense" applications

Dear all,

If you intend to apply for "thesis proposal evaluation" or "thesis oral defense" this semester, please submit the application form to me by the dates listed below:

Thesis proposal evaluation: June 30

Typically, it takes approximately 14 days for committees to review your proposal and provide feedback. After receiving their feedback, you will need to discuss and decide with your advisor which changes or revisions are necessary.

To complete the evaluation and oral defense within the same semester, you must submit your application by June 20.

Thesis oral defense application: July 1

The deadline to complete your oral defense is July 29. At the time you submit your application, you must have earned 42 credits from SU and passed the Center for Taiwan Academic Research Ethic Education's online exam.

For those who have not yet submitted the "Agreement of Being Thesis Advisor," please find a thesis advisor as soon as possible. (Students may request a thesis defense six months after submitting their "Agreement of Being Thesis Advisor.")

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