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Thesis Regulations

A. Thesis Advisor(s)andTopic Decided

  1. Deadline
  • During the second semester of the freshman year (before July 31st)
  1. Required Document
  • Agreement of Being Thesis Advisor
  1. Note
  • Students are allowed to apply for thesis oral defense six months after submitting their Agreement of Being Thesis Advisor.
  • If a student wants to change his/ her advisor(s), he/ she has to submit the Application for Changing Thesis Advisor.

B. Thesis Format

  • Please refer toThesis Format

C. Applying for Proposal Evaluation

  1. Deadline
  • Every November 30th
  • Every May 30th
  1. Required Documents
  • Proposal Evaluation Application Form
  • 2 or 3 hard copies of your proposal (Depends on the number of committees).
  1. Note
  • Passing score: an average grade of 70 or higher
  • Pass: keep working on his/her thesis
  • Fail: retake proposal evaluation

C. Applying for Thesis Oral Defense

*Pre-requisite: Complete the online exam offered by Center for Taiwan Academic Research Ethic Education

  1. Deadline
  • A month before the date of oral defense. (before Dec. 10th / June 10th )
  1. Required Documents
  • Thesis Defense Application Form
  • Submit 3 to 5 hard copies of your thesis draft (2 weeks before the date of oral defense)
  • Transcript in both Chinese and English
  1. Note
  • Passing score: an average grade of 70 or higher
  • Pass: revise thesis draft and complete the procedures for leaving school
  • Fail: resubmit applications and retake the thesis exams the next semester (Students who fail twice will not receive the diploma and will terminate their study in the program.)

D. Leaving process

  1. Download the Leaving Process Form from the website of the Registration and Curriculum Division (Students must complete the leaving process before the new semester starts.)
  2. Upload your thesis to the library system (
  3. Return books and pay the bill of late payment penalty (if any).
  4. Submit several copies of your thesis to the following offices:
  • Global Business Program*1 (and the electronic file)
  • Registration and Curriculum Division*1
  • Library*1
  • Thesis Advisor*1 (Co-advisor*1)
  • All the members of the thesis committee
  1. Other documents (things) need to be submitted to GBP or other offices
  • Key of the study room (Do not forget to bring your personal belongings!)
  • Books (if you borrowed any)
  • Transcript*1
  • Turn in the graduation gown to the Office ofGeneral Affairs

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