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Global business program is always the best decision I have made in my whole education career. I am so thankful that I am one of the members of this big family. By studying at this program I not only improve my language skills, but also broaden my global perspectives.
Comparing with the business administration company in nowadays, globalization is always the absolute road which leads to an outstanding business. And, this program has totally fitted into in the global business trend, that is, the teachers in global business program provide great supports to the student to face with their future. Besides, the most significant thing I have to say, during the class, we receive other advantages as well. Students who come oversea as exchange students share their own experiences, and the contents in class result in more interesting to discuss.
As a member of this remarkable program, I am still under the stage to explore my vision, and Global Business Program do really provide something different, by comparison with other graduate school. And, I , personally hereby agree that studying in Global business program is a significant milestone in my study career.
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