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Studying in Global Business Program (GBP) is a precious and unforgettable experience for me. This program invites professors with professional expertise giving lectures. We not only absorb the business knowledge, but also have deeper understanding of the connection between theories and practical industry examples. Besides, GBP provides an English-learning environment. We take the courses all taught in English and have several international students from all over the world as our classmates to exchange cultures and thoughts. Moreover, students of GBP are required to go exchange or study dual degree in foreign countries during the second year of study. For me, with this opportunity, I learned and explored in the foreign country a lot while exchanging abroad. And it really helped broaden my horizon as well. Also, the classmates and friends I meet in GBP gives me plenty of wonderful memories, and we are like a big family supporting and caring each other. Pursuing the master degree in GBP is definitely one of the right decisions I have ever made in my life.

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