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Studying at Global Business Program (GBP) is a precious experience for me. Actually I had never heard of GBP before, but my friend told me that Soochow University has a famous business program, thats GBP. Therefore, when I made up my mind to pursue my master degree, I immediately signed up for GBP without hesitation.

GBP provides me a lot of valuable experiences, such as interesting business courses, as well as meeting professional teachers and nice classmates from all over the world. Even though I have been studying at GBP for one year, I feel like knowing these friendly and lovely GBPers for a long time. Whats more, while exposing under the English learning environment, I have chances to keep practicing my English. After class, I can also practice Chinese with my Taiwanese classmates. All these are reasons I like being one of the members of the GBP family.

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