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QR Code e-Check-in Guide

Starting from today (Feb 22), all faculty members and students need to have their temperature measured before entering the university. Also, everyone has to check-in their attendance by scanning a QR code using their smartphones. Account ID = student number, Password = same as the e-campus system (9999 for overseas students)

222仿摮詨撖行賢銝准憭皞芣∪交∪祕臬嗅擃皞恍皜砌璆哨撣怎敹撣嗆箸批璈嚗隢敺芣摰頝舐撘撠嚗潮皞怠隞交璈脰曉湔蝣(撖西臬嗥雯嚗 )嚗脣亙祕臬嗥恍W嚗芷頛詨乩犖鈭隞蝣潭摮貉隞亙鈭箏蝣潔蒂銝餃伐喳撖西臬嗥駁雿璆凋蒂敺瘥亥霅恍g銋敺隢閰脰霅恍V摨皞怠喳胯箄賢祕撖西臬塚憭典閮芸恥摰駁撖西臬嗡亙熒瑕瑁嚗隞亙脫⊥交詻銝剜∪閮芸恥瘣賢祉餉嚗閮剜澆剖之璅A刻嚗憭皞芣∪抵嚗閮剜劉典C冽蝛箏堆舀⊥璈脩垢駁憛怠神蝝祆孵脰

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