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Chinese Creation at SU

Activity Rules
Participants must meet all of the following criteria:
15 to 25 years of age, not a citizen of Taiwan, and are currently enrolled in school
Non-native speakers of Mandarin and whose country of citizenship does not have Mandarin as an official language
Have not resided in Taiwan within the past six months (starting from Nov. 1, 2020)
Activity details:
This event is a personal video creation challenge, shooting a theme-related video that can be accompanied by creative elements such as video, photos, music, or actual cooking of food; film length should be 36 minutes.
Theme (choose one):
Taiwanese cuisine: Including your favorite food, foods you would most love to eat, and/or cooking the food yourself
Taiwan attractions: Including your favorite attraction or somewhere you would most like to visit
After finishing production, please upload your video to YouTube and set the viewing permissions to public, scan the QR code, and fill out the registration form for the event.
NOTE: Participating works should be original content and not plagiarized. All background music, photographs, and pictures must not violate copyright law.
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