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I have stayed in Taiwan for more than 2 years. I graduated from a university in Taiwan. My major is finance and I think the knowledge that I received in university is not enough for me to start my career. So I decided to continue signing up master program in Taiwan and choose GBP of Soochow University as the best place for me to complete my course and persuade my dream.

To be honest, I feel very lucky to become a GBPer. Global Business program provides an incredible learning environment to me. I got chance to study and make friend with Taiwanese students and many foreigners who come from all over the world. This is the good opportunity for me to open my mind, improve my teamwork skill, communicate with other students, and especially give to me an occasion to speak Chinese fluently. So I am glad to be here, and enjoying Taiwan so much, I got very nice friends here and people are very helpful. Lets come here and join with us!!!

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