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Arjan Boom

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The GBP is for me a great experience to expand my horizons. I have met a lot of new people from Taiwan and all over the world. The Taiwanese fellow students and the teachers are all very friendly and helpful. They make me discover the Taiwanese life of everyday. And as all the courses are taught in English, I have got to meet a lot of exchange students. Furthermore, Taiwan is a great country with so many friendly people. It is a great pleasure for me to live in this new culture and meet all these great people from in and outside of the school.

The GBP provides courses that are designed to give you practical insides of the business and management world. The courses are interesting and easy to follow because the teachers speak good English. The program also gives a good understanding of the relationship between Taiwan and China and their differences; for this topic it is also possible to go on a study trip to China. I joined this trip which was a lot of fun and a big eye opener.

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