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Students' Experience

Ive never regarded any programs I joined as a family before I study at GBP. GBP invites excellent lecturers to share their valuable experience with us, which enables us to acquire the abilties to handle tasks properly with the best approach. The other speciality of this program is that: it provides an English learning environment for both the local students and exchange students from all over the world. Therefore, I am able to meet and... more...

Global business program is always the best decision I have made in my whole education career. I am so thankful that I am one of the members of this big family. By studying at this program I not only improve my language skills, but also broaden my global perspectives.
Comparing with the business administration company in nowadays, globalization is always the absolute road which leads to an outstanding business... more...

Being a member of Global Business School is like jumping into a high speed train which will lead you to the destination you want.

In the school, GBP provides courses taught in English, which gives great opportunities to experience cultural shocks with foreign students from different background.Out of class, GBP offers us great environment to make friends of lifetime.

Studying in GBP can learn not only from lessons but also... more...


To me, GBP is a really good place to study and it is like a big family. The courses here are very interesting and we can get to know different cultures from the exchange students all over the world. Besides learning business knowledge from the teacher we can also gain our English communicating ability due to the courses. Hope you join us and you will get more than you thought.


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