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Students' Experience

Studying in GBP is a unique experience. After ITI training, I came to GBP which provides different courses to rich my global business sense. I learned from not only professors but foreign students. All GBP courses are taught in English which help me accustomed to study abroad. In GBP, I get more than I thought.

I feel lucky and glad to be here in Global business Program with my fellow peers from all over the world. I get to experience different culture without even going abroad. For me, GBP is a life changer, I am greatly thankful that this program provides me the opportunity to go further study oversea in my life. Studying here, I get to know students from all over the world, learn more about different cultures without going abroad, and... more...


GBP is a very special program which provides students many courses understanding the global trends and well-prepared for the career development in the future. In addition, our courses are all taught in English, every day of our life in the GBP can help us practice not only the listening but also the speaking abilities. Moreover, in the class, we can interact with the International students who are from America, Holland, France,... more...


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