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Students' Experience

GBP is a very special program. It provides its students with sufficient opportunities to learn globally and internationally.

In the first year in GBP, besides studying in Taiwan, professors would take their students to China and visit companies and attractions. As for the second year, the students can go to their ideal foreign universities to exchange or join a dual degree program. Luckily,... more...

I believe attending the Global Business Program was one of the best choices I made in my career path. As the world has become smaller, doing business with people from all over the world has also become more common. In addition, language ability, professional knowledge, and custom adaptability are the most important skills to build up to be a global leader. Soochow Universitys Global Business Program provides a great learning environment for... more...

I applied for this program twice; First year I was so desperate while on the waiting list, second year I become a qualified student, and most important of all, it's hardly to tell and describe how proud I can be part of it---GBP.

You could not imagine how boring life can be without studying in this program with so many outstanding professors and students from different nations.

Come Join Us!!!

Undertaking my MBA through the Global Business Program was an important step in my career.The coursework is challenging and forces you to think.The many cultures and varied experiences within the classroom provide an added benefit of stimulating conversations and unique perspectives.The negotiations course in particular was intellectually demanding with an intricate mix of western techniques and eastern philosophy (some of which was derived... more...


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